Hi everybody!
First of all, we’d like to express our gratitude for supporting us! This is an huge project that started with only 2 people, it would never be possible without you.

Everything is subject to change. We'll re-work pretty much all design. Our server is temporary, can (WILL!) be slow sometimes.

We have a lot to cover, so we’ll try to keep this short.

Founders Rules
We’re pretty permissive in all aspects of sharing information, screenshots, etc. But, everything that happens on your account is your responsibility. For now we’re nearly a handful, so let's keep things friendly and civil.

Closed Founders Alpha Testing
This version is exclusively for Rise of Society Founders. This is an Alpha version of the game, so things are still very raw, there WILL be bugs, lots of it probably and design is nowhere near final.

Founders mission: Your goal as a Founder is to test all the features of the game and report bugs/give feedback. Even if a page has no bugs, you should give feedback on it (about layout, images, colours, explanations,etc). This way we'll know what to improve.

How to report bugs?: We’ll have an updated list of known bugs in the end of this article, to report one you can add a comment or say on Discord Founders channel. When reporting, always provide screenshot.

Our main goal for the following days is to fix all the known bugs, implement territories construction and provide more information about our current modules.

List of Features:
- Manage account
- Manage friend list (add/remove/accept)
- Shouts (and replies)
- Search
- Moving
- Gather resources
- Consuming items? - not done
- Craft items
- Ranking
- Notifications
- Send/receive/reply to PM
- Create settlement
- Donate items to settlement
- Start settlement construction
- Accept/reject people into settlement? - not done, needs government features
- Support system (tickets)
- Create / manage newspaper
- Publish/edit/delete articles
- Trade between citizens
- Post offers on settlement market - need testing
- Use city states to buy/sell items - need testing

Additions until November 17th:
- Finishing territory construction (Outpost, Wood hut, water well, quary, pasture, farmland (allows you to grow cattle, sheeps, hoses)
- Ability to claim territory (increases territory under your domain)
- Wiki with basics of all the existing features
Available by November 19th
- Technology tree
- Research new technologies

List of known bugs/issues: - Last updated: now
Bug tracklist

Please ask any and all questions you have. Only by your questions we'll known what needs to be more explicit or made in a different way.

- Formulas aren't fully implemented yet;
- You get 1 resource per minute;
Phor commented 2016/11/15 23:25
Like it.
Phor commented 2016/11/16 00:37
BUG: Market looks like Scam to me. Tried to buy 1 Gold paying 1 Gold from admin. And now I have 0 Gold.
DeadliestM3RC commented 2016/11/16 19:46
Bug: The link to the spreadsheet doesn't work

Feature Problem: Not 100% sure how to "expand territory", But I could easily just sit in a gold region for a while and become rich, then build loads of cities everywhere and ruin everyones fun. :P
NickMcfoxtails77 commented 2016/12/15 16:48
I collected resources for one minute and got 38 gold, I think that's more then one per minute.