Rise of Society Alpha


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About US

We are building the game where nothing exists. Nothing has been discovered, the humanity starts from the beginning. Its a conquest for suriving, building a villages, transfer them into nations and fight others to keep your land safe. It is heavily social and strategical based game where the keep to survival is to expand.

The expansion will allow to sustain the sience development, allowing to research new tools, weapons, increase production and stronger units. Everything in the game will take time therefore you will have to plan out what is most important task for certain day because you are limited to how many work you can do, this is where social aspect come into play, more players, better organisation will give an edge over less organised nations.

  • Earth like map divided into hexagons
  • Cities transfering into villages, (NPC cities)
  • Multiple jobs, resources, buildings, skills, items, units.
  • Historically accurate technological tree.
  • Proximity based city-market and trading system.
  • Advanced political module with mutiple goverment types.