Rise Of Society Alpha 0.10




Rise of Society is a game where humanity starts from scratch, no countries, no technologies, no items, no resources, nothing! The only thing that exists in the world are Territories, represented by hexagons and natural resources.

Its a conquest for survival, building settlements, transfer them into nations and fight others to keep your land and resources safe. It’s heavily social and strategy based game where the key to survival is to expand.

The goal is to build your settlement into a nation, with several cities, thousand troops and high end technology. Trading, both with AI and with other real life players is where social aspect come into play, more players, means more manpower to develop your settlement and better organisation will give an edge over less organised settlements.

You can learn more about the gameplay and concept here: General Concept, Roadmap and of course join us on Discord.

Developers are building the game without any budget or outside investors, it's an indie studio being supported only by Founders.

Become a Founder

By becoming a Founder you'll have
  • Generous Gold Pack once Rise of Society starts
  • Profile badge identifying you as Founder
  • Ad free game, forever
  • Test everything before being released, forever
  • Highly valued feedback to all upcoming features
  • Direct access to developers Discord/Whatsapp and Founders newsletter
  • Infinite joy and self fulfilment for supporting an Indie Studio